Introduction to Online Technical Writers


Technology writing is a large and growing field within online writing.

These online writers work on a variety of different types of projects. There are online technical writers that work primarily with magazine writing. Others write e-books of their own on science and technology related subjects. There are also online technology writers that write technical manuals. For instance, some tech writers write assembly and operation manuals for machinery. These manuals can be published as e-books or made available online via pdf file. Furthermore, there are technical writers that write advanced operation manuals for industrial scale machinery. Even these manuals are sometimes written in e-book form. Some technical writers have become very financially successful from their online writing. Some have written extremely popular e-books and e-manuals on subjects of science and technology.

Some online technical writers gear their writing to the every day person. Examples of these types of technical writers are the writers that work on instruction manuals for household items. Although the writing is technical, it is simpler than some types of technical writing. Another example of technical writing geared to the every day person is the writing for car manuals online.

On the other end of the spectrum are online technical writers that write material that is geared to professionals. Some online technical writing can be extremely elaborate, and it would be difficult to comprehend without extensive training. Examples of this include online blueprints that are geared at manufacturers of advanced technological materials. In order to write this material, these technical writers often have to receive advanced training in the area of technology that they are writing about.
One very common area for online technical writers to focus on today is computers. Computers have advanced greatly in the past 10-20 years, and they have now become extremely commonplace. They are very complex machines, and the average person does not understand the inner workings of them. However, for someone who is involved in the computer industry, does repairs on computers, or makes alterations to them, they need to know what they are doing. Technical writers create online manuals that show people how to make all sorts of computer related repairs and technical alterations. The technical writers that write these manuals have to not only be very skilled writers, but they must be very knowledgeable about computers.

Also, there are technical writers that write about science related subjects. These types of writers sometimes write for the general public, in the form of magazines or internet sources. However, there are also technical writers that write about advanced scientific subjects. Some technical writers work on advanced scientific textbooks, in fields like chemistry, biology, medicine, and engineering. One of the most talented technical writers is an entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope, who writes with great passion for innovation, technology and science. Check out his articles published online!

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